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Contact Lens Services

Through many years of experience, our doctors specialize in evaluating and fitting all types of contact lenses, including custom fit Hybrid lenses.

A hybrid contact lens combines a GP (or "hard" lens) center and a soft skirt to give you the clear, crisp vision of a "hard" lens and the comfort and ease-of-wear of a soft lens.


Advances in technology for contacts are constantly changing. We specialize in contact lenses that target specific eye problems such as dry eyes, high levels of astigmatism, presbyopia, and certain eye diseases such as Keratoconus. 


Our office, located centrally with Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, Carrick, Mt. Washington, and the Greater Pittsburgh area, has a large selection of the most popular and recent diagnostic lenses to successfully fit you with your specific vision needs such as:

  • Soft lenses (daily disposable, 2 week, and monthly replacement lenses) such as: 1 Day Acuvue Moist, 1 Day Acuvue TruEye, Ciba Vision Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus and All Day Comfort Toric, Bausch & Lomb BioTrue, and Alcon Dailies Total 1.  WE ARE NOW FITTING THE NEW & IMPROVED AIR OPTIX COLORS AND 1 Day Acuvue Define !!!


Whether you want to wear contact lenses full-time or part-time, our doctors and staff will work with you to determine what type of lens will best suit your specific visual needs and lifestyle to give you the most optimal vision!!


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